Renal Failure: Why do Patients Suffer Anemia on Dialysis

Renal Failure: Why do Patients Suffer Anemia on DialysisMany patients who are receiving dialysis may experience anemia, so, why do they suffer anemia and how to relieve the symptom? Please read on, we will give you the answer.

The causes of anemia

When the kidney disease develop into renal failure, nearly all the kidney function has lost, and the renal injury is very severe. Due to the decline of kidney function, the kidneys can not produce enough EPO no longer, and EPO can stimulate the bone marrow to produce red blood cells. Insufficient EPO will result in the shortage supply of red blood cells, which are used to carry oxygen for the whole body, thereby, patients will present anemia.

In addition, if patients are receiving dialysis, they are required to follow a limited diet plan. And the strict diet management may cause the shortage of iron, folic acid, and vitamin B12. As a result, inadequate these substances will aggravate anemia.

Then, how to relieve anemia effectively?

A proper diet

Patients can keep a proper diet, which is a good start to relieve anemia. They can take more fruits and vegetables to supply abundant vitamin. They should also take foods that are rich in iron and folic acid. However, a proper diet can not treat anemia from the root.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

To relieve anemia, the basic step is to improve renal function. The method is a natural therapy that can enhance kidney function effectively. By dilating blood vessels, repairing damaged tissues and cells, providing abundant nutrients for failed kidneys, renal function can be improved adequately.

Once kidney function is enhanced, the secretion of EPO can be increased, so, there is enough red blood cells in blood, so, anemia can be relieved effectively.

After the above analysis, do you have a clear understanding about why do renal failure patients suffer anemia? If you still have doubts, send to get more info, or you can leave a message below, we will reply you as soon as possible.


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