Protein in Urine and Chronic Renal Failure

Protein in Urine and Chronic Renal FailureProtein in urine is an abnormal condition in people with chronic renal failure, well then, what are the causes and how to relieve it effectively? Let us have a look at the following contents.

Proteinuria refers to the presence of extra protein in urine. And chronic kidney failure is a medical condition and it is mainly characterized by gradual loss of renal function.

Causes of proteinuria in people with chronic kidney failure

In normal condition, healthy kidneys can help filter waste products and toxins out of the blood. However, among those with chronic kidney failure, the impaired glomerular filtration membrane and renal tubules fail to work adequately, therefore, protein in urine will occur.

How to reduce protein in urine for patients with this disorder?

Effective control of proteinuria can directly affect it’s prognosis. Therefore, it is necessary for patients to do the following several things:

1. Eat less protein foods, because high quantity protein foods will increase the burden of kidneys and worsen this symptom. However, they can eat some high quality protein foods, such as, egg white, milk, fish, lean meat and so on. But remember, the quantity should not be that much. If you are not clear about the specific amount, consult with our professional online doctor can be really helpful.

2. Repair damaged kidneys and restore renal function. Here, we recommend patients with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. As a plant-based therapy, it has been proven good curative effects in relieving the corresponding symptoms and restoring the kidney function. During the treatment, patients just need to lie in bed comfortably. For more detailed information about this treatment, such as, herbal list, the cost, etc, you can email After discussion, we will provide you with a satisfied answer.

The article is mainly on protein in urine and chronic kidney failure, any follow-up questions, you are welcomed to leave us message below. Best wishes!


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