Is There Curative Treatment for Controlling Proteinuria Caused by Renal Failure

Is There Curative Treatment for Controlling Proteinuria Caused by Renal FailureProteinuria is one of common symptoms of kidney failure. It is necessary to control proteinuria effectively to help delay the progression of kidney failure and improve prognosis. Therefore, is there curative treatment for controlling proteinuria caused by renal failure?

Do you know clearly about proteinuria?

Proteinuria is an abnormal disease condition, which protein flows out the body with urine. It means kidneys are damaged already. Kidney is responsible to filter blood by glomerualr filtration membrane, discharge waste products and retain nutrition substances. Once the filtration membrane is damaged, large amount of protein will leak out.

It is one of symptoms of kidney damage. As for patients with chronic kidney disease, if they do not control proteinuria in time and effectively, more and more protein will leak out and kidney damage will become more and more serious. Even though proteinuria is caused by glomerualr filtration membrane, it still accelerates the progression of kidney failure.

Is there curative treatment for controlling proteinuria caused by renal failure?

Both reasonable diet and proper medicine treatment are the necessity for kidney failure patients to gain obvious effects. The following I will give you introduce about the specific treatments.

Reasonable diet for kidney failure patients:

High protein will increase the burden of kidneys, so that cause new kidney damage. Therefore, renal failure patients should limit the intake of protein. Of course, protein is the necessity for our body, thus, patients can intake some high quality protein so as to satisfy the need of the body and produce less wastes.

Effective treatments for kidney failure patients:

As we mentioned above, proteinuria is caused by damaged glomerualr filtration membrane. So, the treatment should focus on repairing damaged membrane and kidneys. Only kidneys damage is repaired totally, proteinuria can be controlled effectively.

In Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Hot Compress is recommended to you. It is one of the most effective treatments for renal failure. With the help of osmotic machine, active substances can be permeated into kidney tissues and cells directly to repair them. It not only can reduce proteinuria, but also relieve other symptoms and complications caused by renal failure.

Once you find proteinuria in your urine, you must pay attention to it. If have the same condition and want to know more details about the treatment, please leave message below or send email to, our renal experts are willing to help you.

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