I Have Serious Swelling on Feet with Kidney Failure, Do You Have Better Treatment

I Have Serious Swelling on Feet with Kidney Failure, Do You Have Better TreatmentWhen patients are diagnosed with kidney failure, there will have many symptoms and complications appear, swelling is one of them. So, is there any better treatment for kidney failure patients with swelling on feet? Welcome to consult online doctor for free and fast information.

What should the patients do according to the illness condition?

The patient is diagnosed with kidney failure, and has a lot of symptoms, including large amount of proteinuria, swelling, high creatinine and so on. As a patient, you should clear that once the kidney disease do not controlled in time and effectively, it will aggravate more serious—uremia.

Therefore, first, patient need find correct and effective treatment for the condition, and treat it timely. As we all know, kidney disease is a chronic disease, if you do not pay attention, it will develop into other kidney disease.

Do you have better treatment for kidney failure patients with swelling on feet?

Of course, there are systemic treatments for kidney disease patients in Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital. For the serious swelling, the first step is to use toxin-removing therapy so as to remove the toxins and wastes in blood and kidneys to provide a clean internal environment for the kidneys. In addition to toxin-removing therapy, we will combine other natural treatments to treat swelling, like acupuncture. After a period of time, kidneys can be repaired well and the urine volume increases, proteinuria also can be reduced.

You certainly want to know what these natural treatments are.

Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital is a professional kidney disease hospital, which use Chinese herbal medicine to treat the disease. Toxin-removing therapy is one of our characteristic treatments, aiming to repair impaired kidneys and restore renal functions let it work again through removing harmful substances in blood and kidneys, improving blood circulation, anti-coagulation, anti-inflammation, and degradation fibroses. The reason of swelling is because there is too much water in kidneys cannot be discharged out of body. With kidneys work again, patients can produce much urine than before, gradually swelling may disappear naturally.

Thus, repairing impaired kidneys is the most essential when patients treat kidney disease. Finally kidney failure can be controlled and prevent the condition aggravation.

If you still have any doubt about the disease and treatment, please feel free to leave message below, or contact on WhatsApp/Wechat: 86 18730617149, or by email to kidneyfight@hotmail.com, renal expert will do utmost to help you.


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