Is It Dangerous for Patients Have Muscle Cramp with Renal Failure?

Is It Dangerous for Patients Have Muscle Cramp with Renal Failure?Muscle cramp is the common symptom of patients with renal failure, which is because of damaged kidneys. Due to kidney damage, some toxins and wastes can not be excreted out of the body, and the disorder of calcium metabolism causes hypocalcemia. Is it dangerous for patients have muscle cramp with renal failure? Welcome adds Whatsapp/Wechat: 008618730617149, online renal expert will provide free, fast and convenient information to you.

What are the reasons of muscle cramp for renal failure patients?

In fact, muscle cramp is caused by hypocalcemia or low calcium. However, what cause hypocalcemia on earth? Of course it is due to damaged kidneys. Therefore, patients should lay stress on the treatment of repairing impaired kidneys and recovering kidney functions. Muscle cramp occurs in the back of the leg, underneath the knee, while, it also occurs in any other group of muscles. It relapses at night and can be very painful. If it can not be controlled well, it is dangerous and painful for patients. Therefore, it is necessary for the patients to take proper treatment to control muscle cramp.

Treatments of muscle cramp:

All of the symptoms of kidney failure are triggered by impaired kidneys. On the one hand, controlling the symptoms and complications are essential to protect kidney, prevent kidney function from the further damage, manage high blood pressure and improve the internal imbalance. On the other hand, damaged kidneys are repaired and remaining kidney functions are restored, these symptoms will disappear naturally and gradually.

In Tung Shin Tang kidney disease hospital, we adopt Chinese medicine treatments to solve the condition from the root, which are healthy and comfortable for patients without side effects. These active substances in Chinese medicines have the functions of opening the meridians and collaterals, improving blood circulation, promoting metabolism, providing nutrition to the kidneys, and regulating the nervous system.

Once impaired kidneys are repaired, kidneys can work again, the symptoms of renal failure will also disappear gradually, thus muscle cramp disappear.

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