Low Blood Pressure and Kidney Failure

Almost all of patients are experiencing low blood pressure and low blood pressure makes patients often have a sense of headache and dizziness. What causes low blood pressure with kidney failure and how to treat low blood pressure with kidney failure?

There are several factors contributing to low blood pressure with kidney failure. Now, this article will explain it in details.

In normal condition, the kidneys are responsible to produce a hormone called hemopoietin which is responsible to produce red blood cells. However, the decreasing kidney function can not produce sufficient hemopoietin, as a result, important organs, such as heart and the kidneys, would get insufficient blood and oxygen. Thereby, patients often run high risk to suffer from low blood pressure.

In some cases, in order to prevent blood pressure from extreme raising, they often prescribed with some medications to control blood pressure. Over time, blood pressure would be decreased.

The accumulation of toxic substances and wastes products

The toxic substances and wastes products in blood make patients feel extreme weak, headache and dizzy.

What should patients do to deal with low blood pressure with kidney failure?

First of all, dialysis can help patients feel much better temporarily, but, after dialysis treatment, patients would experience low blood pressure again. If patients’ kidney disease is developed into very severe stage, kidney transplant will be needed to help patients relive all of poisoning symptoms and help patients live longer. Several patients may think that kidney transplant is a complete cure for kidney disease, it is not, there is always a rejection actions with the kidney transplant.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is higher recommended for patients with kidney disease. This is a very natural treatment. The functions that the Chinese herbs can achieve are promoting blood circulation and dilating blood vessels, thus providing sufficient blood and oxygen to the diseased kidneys.

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