Puffy Eyelids in Kidney Failure: Cause and Treatment

Puffy Eyelids in Kidney Failure: Cause and TreatmentPuffy eyelids is one of symptom of kidney failure, it not only affect the vision but also makes washing the face troublesome. The severe pain also urge patients to know the cause and management for puffy eyelids in kidney failure.

Causes of puffy eyelids on Kidney Failure patients

With the kidney function decline, the urine output get decrease and the water are stayed in body. In addition, kidney failure patients often are bothered by the protein urine, with the release of protein, the locking water function of human body also get decline, so the water would flow into the tissues spaces, leading to edema. The protein in the eyelid are easy to release, so the puffy eyelids is commonly seen for kidney failure patients.

How to get rid of puffy eyelids on Kidney Failure patients?

The use of diuretic and immunosuppressor some times are used to control symptoms of kidney failure for the high quality life. However, the long time of the medicine can cause further kidney damage and broken the immune system.

Fluid and protein restriction may vary for each individual patient. But patients can take some high quality animal protein such as fish, lean meats, egg white, milk and so on to support the human body need.

Traditional Chinese Treatment is Chinese herbal medicine-majored, through different application medicine ways including steaming, smearing, oral decoction, foot bath, hot compress, acupuncture and so on, the active substances in medicine can enter into human body and come into play effectively, working on expending blood vessels, promoting blood circulation, melting blood clots, cleaning toxins in blood and so on. All in all, with the help of the medicine, the kidney insufficient blood and oxygen and ultra immune responses in kidneys can be blocked, and the kidney functions can be promoted with the increased the blood circulation and restored kidney structure.

The improved kidney function is the key for kidney failure patients to get rid of puffy eyelids from root. Now if you want to know more information about the cause and management for puffy eyelids in kidney failure, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to kidneyfight@hotmail.com, we will reply you within 24 hours.


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