What Symptoms may Renal Failure Patients Have

What Symptoms may Renal Failure Patients HaveWhen people are attacked by renal failure, many complications and symptoms occur. Knowing these symptoms can benefit to the timely prevention and treatment. Now some proper symptoms are listed, and we hope kidney failure patients can pay more attention to their physical condition.

1. Loss of appetite

Loss of appetite is because of the accumulation of wastes and toxins in body, when they are permeated into gastrointestinal tract, patients with renal failure often have a poor appetite, or even nausea and vomiting.

2. Swelling

Swelling is commonly seen in renal failure due to the extra fluid in body and lose of protein, which has locking water function.

3. Fatigue

Kidneys are responsibility for secretion of erythropoietin, so kidney failure patients often are bothered by the condition of oischemia and anoxia, accompanied with symptoms of fatigue dizziness and drowsiness.

4. Abnormal urine

One of the functions of the kidneys is producing urine, so if the kidneys are failing, the urine may change. With the low GFR, patients may suffer from less urine output, frequent urine especially at night is related with the kidney tubules damage. In addition, patients may feel pressure or difficulty urinating or there are bubbles or blood in urine.

With the worse of kidney condition, patients may suffer from some other symptoms like flank pain, poor memory, metallic taste in mouth, short of breath and so on.

All in all, all symptoms should be paid more attention and have a timely treatment. Now if you want to know more information about the cause and management for symptoms in renal failure, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to kidneyfight@hotmail.com, we will reply you within 24 hours.


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