What is the Life Expectancy of Stage 3 Renal Failure

What is the Life Expectancy of Stage 3 Renal FailureRenal failure can be divided into 5 stages according to the patients’ GFR. So, what is the life expectancy of stage 3 renal failure?

First, we need to learn something about the stages of kidney failure. Generally speaking, in stage 1 and stage 2, kidneys are slightly damaged. When the disease develops into stage 4, kidneys are affected severely, patients may have to be prepare for dialysis. Stage 5 is also called advanced renal failure. From the above contents, we can know that there is moderate renal damage in stage 3, so, in this stage, it is greatly hopeful to improve life expectancy.

In general, renal failure is not the cause of death for stage 3 renal failure patients, since it will cause disorders and complications in other systems and organs, such as, cardio-cerebrovascular complications which can threaten patients’ life at any time. So, the life expectancy for everyone is different, it depends on patients’ age, gender and illness condition. If you want to get a clear answer, send your test report to kidneyfight@hotmail.com, after serious-minded study, we will reply you.

Even if the disease is not easy to treat, patients should not lose hope with life, because in Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital, we have invented an characterized therapy called Blood Purification. Differ from other treatments, it not only can discharge the micromolecule substances, such as creatinine, BUN, but also it can remove certain middle molecule, or even macromolecule matters from the blood. Since blood circulation can carry oxygen for various organs including kidneys, on the contrary, kidneys have the function of filtering wastes and toxin in blood. There, as long as the toxic and harmful substances in blood can be removed out of the body, it is possible to decrease renal damage and own a high-quality life for stage 3 renal failure patients.

If you want to learn more details of the therapy or you still have questions about what is the life expectancy of stage 3 renal failure, leave a message, remember we are always here to help you.


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