What is The Life Expectancy of Kidney Failure with Headache

 Life Expectancy Of kidney Failure With Headache Kidney can not continue to maintain each system of whole body work properly when there is only 25% kidneys working.That is to say, kidney function will be damaged almost completely. Patients who are on the stage of kidney failure commonly have a headache, which is hard to bear. They want to know how to alleviate the headache and what is the life expectancy of kidney failure with headache.

Why kidney failure patients have a headache?

There are some kidney functions including:eliminate the toxins and excess fluid, secret of active substance and erythropoietin, electrolyte acid-base balance and stability and so on. once kidney is damaged that the toxins and excess fluid will stay in body, which will effect each system of the whole body, nervous system is involved, which makes patients feel headache.

What is the best treatment for kidney failure with headache?

Kidney disease cannot be cured when patients on the stage of kidney failure,the life expectancy of kidney failure with headache depends on patient illness conditions. we only do is to try our best to control the complications, and thus let patients have a longer life, we can not say a certain time to one who is a kidney failure patient with headache, but we can promise if the complications are controlled well and illness condition is stable, patient can live a longer life. Long time dialysis will make kidney function become more worse, so we need a alternative therapy to dialysis. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a external application with two chinese herbal medicines, the two bags fulfill with medicine powder,which is more effective for active substances to be absorbed, all the chinese herbal medicines come from nature, so patients do not worry about the side effects.Doctors will put the two bags on patient’s shenshu area. Patients will feel every cell is opening and hot while doing this therapy. It is good for patients to live a better life.

If you are interesting in this therapy and want to know the life expectancy of kidney failure with headache, Please send your present condition and phone number to kidneyhospital-china@hotmail.com or leave a message below. We will try our best to help you.


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