Life Expectancy for Elderly Kidney Failure Patients

Life Expectancy for Elderly Kidney Failure PatientsDue to the Organ aging, elderly people are the main population of renal failure. With the decline of their life quality, they are curious about their life expectancy. In fact, there is not a exact answer for the question, the life expectancy should be decided by the specific physical conditions, the development speed of disease, the treatment effect, the lifestyle they live and so on.

Elderly patients can do lots of thing to prolong their life expectancy instead of counting the day they can live, here some helpful suggestions are recommended.

1.Healthy lifestyle. At first, healthy diet plays an important role in protecting kidney functions and remitting some comlications, so a low protein, low salt, low fat, low potassium, low phosphorus diet is recommended. Second, elderly patients with steady condition also need take proper excises to boost their immunity, such as walking, taiji, yoga such kinds of mild sports. In addition, the positive attitude to fight against disease is necessary for patients to have a timely and effective treatment.

2.Controlling complication. Complications such as anemia, high blood pressure, protein urine, high blood sugar and so on can accumulate the renal fibrosis progression, so patients should try their best to control their complications. Except the healthy diet, some medicines are necessary.

3.Reversing kidney functions. Traditional Chinese Treatment is a good choice for renal failure patients. The active substances in herbal medicine are natural and flexible, the kinds and dosages of herbs are given to patients according to their specific physical conditions. Moreover, our application medicine ways such as steaming, smearing, foot bath, medical bath, foot bath, hot compress, oral decoction and so on can help the medicine enter into body and come into play effectily. These therapies supplement each other and work together on expending blood vessels, promoting blood circulation, removing blood clots and cleaning toxins in blood, so that the blood in circulation can be smooth and health. With the enough healthy blood perfusion, symptoms can be remitted and kidney function also can be improved.

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