Can kidney failure patients eat spinach

The kidney failure patients are always suggested to eat a lot of vegetables. But is every kind of vegetable good for them? The kidney disease patients have to observe strict diet because of kidney damages. Though vegetables are good for the patients, there are still limits for them. Then can kidney failure patients eat spinach?

Is spinach good for body?

Spinach is color green and every 100g contains 2g protein, fat 0.2g, carbohydrate 2g, crude fibre o.6g, as well as calcium 70mg, phosphorus 34mg, iron 2.5mg and so on. Spinach has abundant vitamin A, vitamin C and mineral substance. Especially vitamin A, C are the most among all kinds of does the amount of iron. In addition, it has effects in alleviating dyspepsia, constipation, gout, skin disease, nervous system disease, anemia, diabetic, phthisis, high blood pressure and so on.

Can kidney failure patients eat spinach?

Generally speaking, spinach is good for the patients who have bloody stools, habitual constipation,

Scurvy, high blood pressure, anemia, diabetic, itching skin, but if one who is suffering from kidney stone, kidney function failure, nephritis and kidney stone, he had better not to eat spinach. Which contains a lot of oxalic acid, combine with the calcium will form crystals of calcium oxalate thus add the burden in kidney, accumulate the illness. So it is not good for kidney failure patients. They’d better not to eat it.

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What is more, for kidney failure patients, the effective treatments play more important role in improve the condition of kidney failure patients.

Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy therapy is based on traditional chinese medicine and it’s a development of traditional chinese medicine, because it is used external. First, the doctor will give the corresponding medicament according to the patients’ illness. Then smash these medicine into powder, putting them into two bags and apply under the lower back of the patients. With the help of osmosis device and patients’ skin, effective material can be sent into kidney directly playing a function of repair kidney damage and improve kidney function. Only by recover the kidney function can the disease be reversed.

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