What is Scientific Diet for Renal Failure Patients

What is Scientific Diet for Renal Failure PatientsWe all know renal failure can threaten patients’ life, and the diet management for renal failure is very strict, so, what is scientific diet for patients? Follow me.

Before answering the question, we need to learn renal failure.

Renal failure is the end stage renal disease. In this stage, nearly all the renal function has lost, massive toxins and wastes can not be discharged out of the body, so, the kidney function declined severely, and patients may present many complications.

Then, patients should take steps to treat the renal failure, and a scientific diet can also help to control the illness condition. So, what is the scientific diet for patients?

Limit salt intake

For patients with renal failure, too much salt can increase the burden of failed kidneys. So, they should keep a diet of low salt. In addition, they should avoid seafoods, pickles, etc. Because these foods contain lots of salt.

Control fluid intake

Patients should drink less water, since too much water can aggravate edema. Besides, for renal failure patients, the damaged kidneys can not filtrate the extra fluid, so, too much fluid will aggravate the progression of renal damage.

Supply some nutrients

For kidney failure patients, the immunity is very weak, so, supplying some useful substances is necessary. Such as, fresh fruits and vegetables, some high-quality protein, for example, milk, eggs, fish, lean meat and so on.

In addition, patients should supply potassium element. Because many patients will experience low potassium level, so, providing potassium is significant. Common fruits are: banana, strawberry, orange, etc.

However, not all the patients can eat these fruits, the specific amount is decided by patients’ own illness condition. If you want to know whether you can eat them or not, send your test report to kidneyfight@hotmail.com.

Except for the above suggestions, there are still many foods that can decrease kidney damage. If you want to learn more details about scientific diet for renal failure patients, contact with our online doctors now.


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