Foods to Avoid and Eat for Chronic Renal Failure Patients

Foods to Avoid and Eat for Chronic Renal Failure PatientsChronic renal failure, as it’s name imply, refers to kidney failure caused by chronic renal damage. Mostly, the diet limitation is very strict. So, what are the foods restricted for a chronic renal failure patient?

1. Limit the salt intake

For patients, the kidneys can not work as normal, and too much salt will increase the burden of kidneys, cause more severe renal injury, too much salt will also aggravate edema. So, it is necessary to decrease the salt intake.

2. Keep a low-protein diet

Because patients may present massive proteinuria, so, too much protein will exacerbate the symptom, it is not beneficial to relieve the condition.

3. Get rid of high-potassium foods

In chronic renal failure, due to the decline of GFR(glomerular filtration rate), kidneys can not adjust the balance of sodium and potassium, so patients will experience high potassium level. Thereby, avoiding the high-potassium foods is necessary. The common foods are laminaria japonica, broad bean, animal giblets and so on.

Except for the above diet limitation, patients should take some nutrients.

·Supply calcium element. Because patients will present hypocalcemia, so, they should take some high-calcium foods, such as milk, shrimp, soybean, peanut, etc, these foods can balance the shortage of calcium, it is beneficial to relieve illness condition.

· Take more fresh fruits and vegetables. They should also take less high-quality protein, such as milk, eggs, lean, etc.

· Besides, chronic renal failure patients should keep a good habit. For example, quit smoking and drinking, they should also take some moderate exercises, such as, Tai Chi, yoga, walking, jogging.

By now, our experts has made a personalized diet list, which is aim at different patients with chronic renal failure. If you want to get such a list, sending to, we are here to help you. Good luck!


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