Can Patients with Kidney Failure Eat Watermelon

Can Patients with Kidney Failure Eat WatermelonWatermelon is loved by many people, especially in hot summer. However, can renal failure patients eat watermelon?

In general, it is not suggested to eat too much watermelon. Some of the reasons are concluded as follows:

*The main constituent of watermelon is water, however, for kidney failure patients, the failed kidneys can not regulate fluid as normal, if they eat watermelon, too much fluid can’t be discharged, in this case, blood volume will increase rapidly, patients may die of acute heart failure.

*In addition, watermelon contains plentiful of sugar, and excess intake of this fruit may increase the blood sugar level, which is harmful to patients’ health.

*Besides, eating lots of watermelon may lead to dyspepsia, such as, abdominal distension, diarrhea and so on.

However, watermelon is not absolutely harmful to kidney failure patients:

·The abundant vitamin in it can prevent cold, improve immunity, furthermore, it also contain protein, glutamate, arginine and other nutrient substances. Because most patients with kidney failure may present weight losing, so watermelon can reduce the shortage of this nutrient matters.

·Watermelon contain sylvite and glycoside,these matters can help to eliminate inflammatory reactions of the kidneys and lower blood pressure.

Nevertheless, whether you can eat it or not is depended on the specific condition, Wanna to get personalized advice? please send us your test report After comprehensive analysis, we will reply you as early as possible.

The effects of watermelon on kidney failure patients are limited, except for this, they also need to follow a low salt diet, low fat diet, high fiber diet, etc. For detailed information, please click here Dietary Management for People with Renal Failure.

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