Best Diet Plan for People with Acute Kidney Failure

Acute kidney failure occurs when kidneys suddenly lose their ability to excrete waste products, extra fluid and toxins out of the blood. Then, what is the best diet plan for people with acute kidney failure?

Best Diet Plan for People with Acute Kidney FailureIntake of protein foods In general, to reduce the workload of kidneys, sufferers are recommended to limit the ingestion of protein foods. However, to meet the basic needs of the body, they also need to eat some high-quality protein foods, for instance, egg white, lean meat, fish, milk and so on. However, as the condition varies, they specific amount should be different. If you are not clear about this, please resort to our online service for help.

Low-sodium diet Experts at our Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital suggest people with acute renal failure to limit the intake of salt. As too much ingestion may aggravate high blood pressure and swelling. Therefore, foods like processed products, canned foods, shrimp, etc should be avoided.

Less intake of potassium foods Due to sharp decline of kidney function, high potassium level may occur in the body. In this case, the risk of presenting irregular heartbeat or heart failure will be increased. To control the condition well, foods loaded in potassium should be limited. Such as, banana, orange, potato, tomato, etc.

High-vitamin diet Except for the above suggestions, they also need to eat some fresh fruits and vegetables to supply vitamin A, folic acid and antioxidants. Meanwhile, it is necessary to seek the doctor’s advice, as some foods are abundant in phosphorus.

Besides, they also need to avoid stimulating foods like pepper, chocolate, etc. Meanwhile, bad habits like smoking and smoking should be abandoned.

The above contents are best diet plan for people with acute kidney failure, anything unclear, you are welcomed to click the Live Contact or leave us a message below.

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