Can Patients with Renal Failure Drink Coffee

Can Patients with Renal Failure Drink CoffeeAs a refreshing drink, coffee has win people’s favor in recent decades. Well then, can patients with renal failure drink coffee? If you are interested in this article, please read on and you will find the answer.

Kidneys in our body are endowed with the following functions, such as, producing urine, removing metabolic products and toxins, regulating blood pressure and producing red blood cells, etc. For patients with renal failure, the kidney function is usually less than 15%. So they should pay much attention to the diet.

Generally speaking, patients with kidney failure are not suggested to drink too coffee. And the reasons can be concluded like this:

1. Coffee is abundant in caffeine, and excessive intake of coffee will increase blood pressure level, cholesterol level and aggravate arteriosclerosis. If not controlled well, the risk of developing complications of renal failure will be increased, such as heart problems, stroke, etc.

2. Study shows that excessive drinking of coffee may lead to high potassium level. If patients with renal failure presenting high potassium level, the risk of having irregular heartbeat will be increased. In serious condition, it will threaten one’s life.

3. Long-term drinking of coffee is more likely to cause the loss of calcium, sleep disorders and so on.

For renal failure patients caused by PKD, coffee should be avoided. As it can stimulate the secretion of cystic fluid and lead to a rapid growth of cysts and worsen kidney function.

In a word, patients with kidney failure should avoid drinking too much coffee. Besides, other caffeine-containing foods like chocolate, cola, and strong tea should be limited.

If you have been diagnosed with renal failure, we hope the above contents can be helpful. For more detailed information, you are welcome to email or consult with our online doctor directly.


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