Can Patients with Kidney Failure Drink Coffee?

Can Patients with Kidney Failure Drink Coffee?Can patients with kidney failure drink coffee? Coffee is the favorite drink for people in working which can relieve the pain and fatigue during long time working. However, it is bad for some people who will feel uncomfortable after drinking. Whether kidney failure patients can drink coffee or not? Welcome to consult ONLINR EXPERT for free and fast information.

What functions does coffee have for people?

Coffee of course has some benefits for people. It is why so many people like to drink coffee. First of all, coffee contains some nutrition which benefits our skin. Second, it can help relieve fatigue and pain for people, as well as gallstone prevention. The last but not least, it has certain function of health protection, such as antioxidant, strengthen bones and muscles, and stimulate the person’s appetite, etc.

However, coffee still needs further study for kidney failure patients.

Can patients with kidney failure drink coffee?

Kidney failure means the majority of kidney functions have been damaged seriously, almost lost the whole kidney function. Meanwhile, there are lots of symptoms of kidney failure, including large amount of proteinuria, high creatinine level and lots of toxins and wastes in kidneys and blood. But, coffee not only contains caffeine, but also fat, protein, carbohydrate, inorganic salt and vitamins. Liver and kidneys decompose caffeine which will increase the burden of kidneys, and is not good for the kidney function restoration.

Drinking coffee may cause sleep problem, and disturb immune system, which increasing kidney problem as well as angiocardiopathy.

Thus, common people should not drink too much coffee. However, as for patients with kidney failure, they can not drink coffee. Furthermore, patients also should pay attention to drinks with caffeine.

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