Can You Tell Me the Diet Restrictions of Kidney Failure Patients?

Diet is very important for us to live in daily life, let alone patients with kidney disease. There are many patients ask what foods can eat for kidney failure patients? In the following, I will discuss the diet restrictions of kidney. Free and fast information can be provided by our online renal expert, please add whatsapp: +86-18730617149.

Kidney failure is a sensitive stage, which patients should know clearly the basic requirements.

1. Kidney failure patients should follow a low-salt diet.

For patients with high blood pressure, low-slat diet can help patients control this condition. And less intake of salt will relieve the symptom of swelling, because damaged kidneys can not discharge the sodium normally, which lead to swelling for patients. Therefore, developing a low-salt diet is helpful to excrete fluid and sodium retention.

2. Kidney failure patients should follow a low-protein diet.

Kidneys are responsible for discharging the toxins and wastes out of body. However, if kidneys are damaged, extra protein can not be discharged from the body, so that increase the burden on kidneys. So, patients with kidney failure should have a reasonable low-protein diet. Meanwhile, high quality protein is recommended to you.

3. Kidney failure patients should follow a low-potassium diet.

In stage of kidney failure, kidneys can not filter out potassium efficiently, and at the same time, majority potassium comes from foods what we eat. Furthermore, if patients with high potassium do not pay attention, high potassium will cause heart and bone problem. So, patients with kidney failure should control the intake of high potassium foods, such as banana, watermelon, lemon, and orange and so on.

4. Kidney failure patients should follow a low-phosphorus diet.

Phosphorus also can accumulate in the blood easily, same to potassium, which will lead to low calcium level, skin itching and bone disease. Hence, necessary low phosphorus foods are avoided.

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