How to control diet for kidney failure patients?

Kidney failure patients must pay attention to diet, what they should eat is an important step in treatment process. Because controlling diet is a common treatment for chronic kidney failure patients. However, this method need patients and their families insist together. So what should notice in diet for kidney failure patients?

The food should eat or not will introduce as followed:

It is appropriate to eat soft and light food, not hard or fried food and hot excitant food.

Chronic kidney failure patients’ gastric mucosas always have congestion and erosion. It is caused by lots of toxins in body and blood microcirculation disorder. If eating hard and fried food, chili, wine and other excitant food, these will aggravate erosion in patients’ gastric mucosas, even blood.

Patients should intake sufficient calories.

When limiting the intake of protein, patients can eat food with high calories and low protein to supplement, in order to prevent the increasing waste with nitrogen. The amount of calories should control 30~40 calories per kilo a day, in the case of weight decrease severe.

Foods with high calories include: vegetable oil, such as peanut and soybean; low protein powder, such as lotus root starch, wheat starch; and sugar. Using these ingredients, you can make various delicious desserts.

Pay attention to control the intake of water and salt.

When kidney is failure, it can not discharge water and salt, so it is easy to cause swelling, increase high blood pressure and weight. Patients need to avoid drink much water and eat salt not above 5g per day. Meanwhile, you also limit food with high sodium, such as processed canned, pickles and fast food.

And the last are that you should notice potassium contain and maintain the balance of calcium and phosphorus. Drink more milk and milk products which contain high phosphorus and calcium.

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