What should eat for kidney failure patients?


Some patients with kidney failure will ask: “what kind of fruits I can eat?” or “what food I can eat?” In fact, if you know what kind of food can not eat, and then the rest are you can eat. However, here I will tell you exactly what food can eat or not.


Patients need to limit the intake of protein, in order to alleviate the burden on the kidney. Animal protein is the best choice, such as milk, eggs, lean meat, and soybeans, peanuts and other vegetable protein-containing foods are forbidden.Chronic renal failure patients with hypertension and swelling must limit the sodium salt and rich sodium food. If necessary, patients should eat no-salt food. And if you take or have the symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea, you do not limit the intake of sodium.


Nowadays, fruits have become the favorite fruit, people almost eat every day. So, what fruits patients can eat with so many kinds of?

When serum potassium increased and urine volume lowered 1000 ml/day, patients should limit high potassium fruits. If the volume of urine increased and serum potassium decreased, it is necessary for patients to supplement potassium. When urine volume is in 1500 to 3000 ml/day, you can choose foods with high potassium.

There are some fruits contain high potassium, such as Banana, cherry, pomegranate, apple and so on.

For patients with mild condition, the restriction on fruits is not strict. But there are two kinds of fruits, such as grapefruit, star fruit, do not advocate eating for kidney failure patients. Because grapefruit contains high potassium, kidney failure or dialysis patients can not eat more, in case of increase the burden on kidneys. So does star fruit. Patients also can not eat. Individual patients with kidney failure will have the condition of frequent burping, even have severe complication.

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