Is Moringa Helpful to Treat Kidney Failure

For kidney failure patients, to keep on a diet is very necessary. Because some food is really good for their disease, while others may worsen it. Then, is moringa helpful to treat kidney failure?

Moringa is a kind of plant, it becomes a popular health care products in Europe recently. Moringa contains various vitamins, abundant mineral substances, large amounts proteins and ample fibers, etc. There are health benefits for the symptoms of kidney failure patients to take moringa:

1 Anemia: Iron is a important substance in the blood, anemia occurs as soon as there is a lack of iron. Moringa is rich in iron which can promote the formation of red blood cells, which can improve anemia.

2 Hypertension: Moringa is rich in potassium, which can prevent hypertension. Besides potassium, in 1992, Faizi with a group extracts five constituents which can lower blood pressure in moringa, they are niazininA,niazininB,niazimicin,niazimicinA and niazimicinB.

3 Infection prevention: A mass of vitamin A and calcium can improve immunity.

4 Diabetes: Diabetes can’t be cured in a short duration of time. To regulate diabetes, diabetes patients must know what to eat, when to eat. What to eat not only directly affect the level of blood sugar, but also plays a key role in the prevention and treatment of nerve disease. Moringa is rich in potassium, manganese, chromium and other trace elements, as well as arginine, lysine, leucine, phenylalanine and other amino acids, which help to secrete insulin and regulate blood sugar, enhance immune system due to diabetes, control diabetes complications.

Although moringa has many benefits to the kidney failure patients, not every patient can use it. For example, patients with hyperkalemia is not allowed to have moringa for its being rich of potassium. To be on the safe side, if you still don’t know whether moringa is helpful to treat kidney failure or not, you can ask the online doctor or send e-mails to


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