Can Renal Failure Patients Eat Celery in Their Daily Life

Can Renal Failure Patients Eat Celery in Their Daily LifeFor healthy people, they need a reasonable diet to preserve their health. As for the renal failure patients, they need a more strict diet plan to control and further damage and remit some symptoms. Today we will introduce renal failure patients the celery, let us see how the celery help renal failure patients.

Kidney has three main functions: excreting the extra water in body, cleaning toxins in body and secreting some elements to support the normal activities of human body. When people are attacked by renal failure, they will suffer many pains and symptoms due to the kidney function decline, such as high blood pressure, edema, poor appetite, nervous, poor sleep and so on, so patients really need a scientific diet to help them control these symptoms and even remit these symptoms. And the celery is a good choice for renal failure patients.

The benefits renal failure patients can get from celery

1. The coumarin and the products of furocoumarin in celery has functions of lowering pressure, lowering blood fat and lowering cholesterol.

2. Butylphthalide in celery has magic effect on calming mood and it also plays an important role in improving the sleep quality.

3. d-limonene in celery is a kind of powerful anticancer agent which has functions of anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cholagogue, stripping away the stone. The anticancer elements in celery are very much and strong.

4. The celery contain rich iron which is helpful for the formation of red blood cells and change the anemia condition.

All in all, celery is suitable for renal failure patients. The flavonoids in celery can increase the permeability of blood vessels, clean free radical, inhibit bacteria from activities, so it has magic effects on anti-inflammation, detumescence and spasm, composed, antibacterial, remitting many symptoms caused by renal failure.

And the potassium content in celery is low, so patient can eat celery in their daily life. And if you want to know more information about renal failure diet or ask for treatment suggestions, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.


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