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Renal Failure Diet

What Are the Diet Restrictions to Help Me Lower High Creatinine Level 7.1

I am a kidney failure patient, and my urine volume is 600 to 700 ml per day, with high creatinine level 7.1. What are the diet restrictions to help me lower high creatinine level 7.1? Welcome to consult ONLINE EXPERT for free and fast inform...Read More

Whether Drinking Is Allowed for Kidney Failure Patients Or Not?

Nowadays, more and more people like to use drinking to celebrate certain things. However, too much drinking is harmful for the health of the people. So, whether drinking is allowed for kidney failure patients or not? Welcome to consult ONLIN...Read More

Can Patients with Kidney Failure Drink Coffee?

Can patients with kidney failure drink coffee? Coffee is the favorite drink for people in working which can relieve the pain and fatigue during long time working. However, it is bad for some people who will feel uncomfortable after drinking....Read More

Reasonable Diet Principles for Kidney Failure Patients

It is extremely essential for kidney failure patients to take proper and effective treatment. At the same time, keep a good diet habit is also important, which can relieve the burden of kidneys, and slow down kidney failure progression. Welc...Read More

What Is the Diet Notice for Lowering Creatinine with Kidney Failure?

Is there any method to improve kidney functions? As we all know, the normal range of creatinine is 0.5 to 1.3 mg/dl. Except treatment for kidney failure, diet principles also can help prevent the kidneys from further damage. Welcome to leave...Read More

What Are the Beneficial Diets to Improve Renal Failure Functions?

Although diet can not help treat kidney failure, it is really effective to help control symptoms of kidney failure and improve the healthy condition. Not all of patients with kidney failure know what are the beneficial diets to improve renal...Read More

Can You Tell Me the Diet Restrictions of Kidney Failure Patients?

Diet is very important for us to live in daily life, let alone patients with kidney disease. There are many patients ask what foods can eat for kidney failure patients? In the following, I will discuss the diet restrictions of kidney. Free a...Read More

How to control diet for kidney failure patients?

Kidney failure patients must pay attention to diet, what they should eat is an important step in treatment process. Because controlling diet is a common treatment for chronic kidney failure patients. However, this method need patients and th...Read More

What should eat for kidney failure patients?

Some patients with kidney failure will ask: “what kind of fruits I can eat?” or “what food I can eat?” In fact, if you know what kind of food can not eat, and then the rest are you can eat. However, here I will tell you exactly what ...Read More

Is Moringa Helpful to Treat Kidney Failure

For kidney failure patients, to keep on a diet is very necessary. Because some food is really good for their disease, while others may worsen it. Then, is moringa helpful to treat kidney failure? Moringa is a kind of plant, it becomes a pop...Read More

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