Will High Blood Pressure Cause Chronic Kidney Failure

Chronic kidney failure means that because of various seasons kidney got damaged. Compared with normal kidney, kidney failure patients’ kidney shrinks a lot that cannot maintain the basic functions. In clinic always shows metabolic accumulation, water, electrolyte, acid-base and all kinds of systems disorder. In addition, people who over 50 years old will appear high blood pressure easily. About this phenomenon, there are people who ask whether high blood pressure can cause kidney failure. If you have similar questions perhaps this article can help you.

High blood pressure and kidney failure have intimate relationship, it proved that high blood pressure can cause kidney failure.

Kidney failure is the end stage of kidney disease. If high blood pressure patients appears kidney damage, heart brain and eye ground disease may arise. And according to personal condition, some patients may have back pain accompany.

High blood pressure caused kidney disease is named hypertensive nephropathy. This is a dangerous disease that a slightly inattention may threaten patients’ life. In clinic, doctor may use ACEI and ARB to lower high blood pressure, this can alleviate these symptoms in some extent, but can do nothing for the damaged kidney.

Apart from dialysis and medicine treatments, immunotherapy is recommended, this is a treatment includes six steps, immune diagnosis, immune clearance, immune blocking, immune adjustment, immune protect, immune tolerance. They have different functions in treating kidney disease and can be summarized into diagnose, treatment and protection. By using these therapies repair the damaged kidney and improve kidney function.

Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy is based on traditional Chinese medicine and used external, it has proved having the function of expand blood vessels, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, degradation, promote blood circulation, promote DNA replication of damaged kidney cells, provide nutrition for kidneys.

Now you have a general idea about high blood pressure cause chronic kidney failure, if you want to know more detailed information, chat with online doctor or leave a message below, we will give you a reply as soon as possible.


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