How Long Can I Live With Stage 3 Renal Failure

What is the life expectancy of stage 3 kidney failure? How long can they live with the disease? If you are interested in the topic, please read on.

In clinic, renal failure is divided into five stages according to the GFR(glomeruli filtrate rate), in stage 1 and stage 2, the renal damage is not severe, GFR will decline slightly. In stage 4, kidney injury has became very serious, in this case, dialysis or kidney transplant is suggested. Stage 5, also known as end-stage kidney failure, if no effective method is applied, or the physical condition is weak, patients may have the risk of death. So, how long can they live with stage 3 kidney failure?

Obviously, stage 3 is the medium-term of renal failure, it is the best chance of treating the disease. However, due to the illness condition varies from person to person, so the treatment and life expectancy are different.

In addition, stage 3 can also be divided into two stages, stage 1: GFR is 45-59ml/min, stage 2: 30-44ml/min. When GFR is more than 50ml/min, kidney damage nearly can not affect patients’ life, that is why patients can have a normal life with one kidney. But, when the GFR is less than 50 ml/dl, taking an effective treatment is necessary.

Since stage 3 renal failure does not reach the stage of dialysis or kidney transplant, in this case, most patients will choose hormonotherapy, however, which can cause a series of side effects, in addition, hormone can not treat renal failure from the root. Once hormone is stopped, the illness may relapse.

Luckily, in Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital, there is an effective method called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, which can improve renal function so as to treat renal failure effectively. By now, due to the enormous clinical effects, the therapy have saved more than 600 patients from 64 countries. In addition, it is painless, no side effects and comfortable.

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