Can High Creatinine Level Cause Renal Failure

Can Hign Creatinine Level Cause Ranal FailureIn most cases, patients with kidney disorders are usually detected with high creatinine level. Well then, can it lead to renal failure? Let us have a look at the following contents.

Can high creatinine level lead to kidney failure?

Firstly, a basic understanding about creatinine is necessary. It refers to the metabolic products of our muscular activity. And serum creatinine is always regarded as an major index to measure kidney function. In normal condition, the onset of elevated creatinine level has close connection with kidney damage. In addition, dehydration, fatigue, nephrotic drugs, and so on can also lead to increased creatinine level.

Without effective control, there will be a constant growth of creatinine level. If the toxins can not be removed adequately, the kidneys will fail to work eventually. As a result, renal failure is more likely to occur. Generally, acute kidney failure is more common than chronic kidney failure.

How to lower creatinine level and avoid renal failure?

Ketosteril This medicine can help lower creatinine level, alleviate symptoms to some extent. Meanwhile, patients should try to avoid nephrotic drugs, if you are not clear about this, feel free to consult with our online doctor can be a good choice.

Blood-purification technique In emergency condition, sufferers may be suggested to take some blood-purification treatments to cleanse the toxins in the blood. And the treatments can be hemodialysis, hemoperfusion, hemofilteration, plasma exchange, immunoabsorption, etc.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy At our Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital, experts recommend patients with this plant-based treatment. It can not only relive the relevant symptoms including high creatine level but also restore kidney function. For more information, you can email and we will try our best to help.

This test is mainly on high creatinine level and renal failure, any follow-up questions about this, please leave us message below.

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