The Classification of High Creatinine and Symptoms in Different Renal Failure Stages

Creatinine is one of the common indicators to show the kidney function. Generally speaking, the higher the creatinine is, the serious the kidney damage is, and the different classification means the different kidney damage degree. This article will introduce some fundamental knowledge about the classification of high creatinine and symptoms in different renal failure stages.

Compensated stage:

If the kidney function are 100% in the normal condition, at this period, the GFR are the 35%-70% of the normal condition. Although the kidney functions are declined, the remaining kidney function still can keep the internal environment of human body in steady. So usually there is no obvious symptoms in clinic in this period and the creatinine is normal, the numerical value is 1.5-2 mg/dl.

Decompensated period:

The course of azotemia is the start of chronic kidney failure. At this period, the GFR is 21%-35% of normal condition, and the internal environment of human body also be damaged, so there are many clinic symptoms bothered patients such as frequent urination or slight anemia. Commonly there is still no obvious symptoms and the creatinine is around 2-5mg/dl.

Renal failure period:

the creatinine in this period is around 5-8 mg/dl and the GFR has decreased to 11%-20% of the normal condition, which are very serious. And patients usually suffer from water-electrolyte imbalance, metabolic acidosis, water-sodium retention, hypocalcemia, hyperphosphatemia and so on. Gastrointestinal tract, brain and heart blood vessels and nerve system maybe also be influenced.


It is the last stage of renal failure and the creatinine is higher than 8 mg/dl, the GFR reduced into 10%. At this time, all level systems of human body are bothered.

In fact, the classifications of high creatinine level is different from country to country and the symptoms in different renal failure stages also are different from patients to patients. What we mentioned is a common condition, and renal failure patients should pay more attention to the change of their physical condition and have a timely treatment. And if you want to know more about the high creatinine, symptoms or treatment for renal failure, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.


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