Dose A Simple 8 cm Renal Cyst Need Treatment

Generally speaking, when the renal cyst is smaller than 3-4 cm, patients needn’t have a timely treatment. The only thing they need to do is having a regular checkup. With a healthy lifestyle, the renal cyst maybe can disappear naturally. While when the renal cyst is bigger than 3-4 cm, it is time for patients to have a consideration about treatment. Of cause, a simple 8 cm renal cyst really need have a timely treatment for there would be a series of symptoms followed with the enlargement of renal cyst.

The harms brought by a 8 cm renal cyst

1. Blood urine: because of the increased pressure from cyst fluid to the cyst walls, the blood vessels in cyst walls may be broken with the rupture of renal cyst, so there are bloods leaking into urine. In addition, if the renal cyst has cause damage to kidney, the blood also can be leaked into urine for the barrier function of innate kidney cells are lost.

2. Back pains: the enlargement of the renal cyst will cause pressure to the around tissues, involving the nerves of other tissues, so patients sometimes feel back pains. Moreover, with the increase of cyst fluid secretion, the renal become heavier and heavier, which will pulling the renal pedicle downward, causing back pains.

3. Kidney function decline: with the growth of renal cyst, it will take the space of the normal kidney tissues, causing the hypoxic-ischemic state. When there are enough blood and oxygen in kidney, ultra immune response will occur and kidney function will decline.

4. High blood pressure: when there is not enough blood in kidney, the renin will secretion, which is the main reason of high blood pressure.

There are so many harms with a simple 8 cm renal cyst, so patients need have a timely treatment to shrink the cyst. And patients also need pay more attention to their daily lifestyle, controlling the further grow of renal cyst. And if you want to know more information about renal cyst diet or treatment, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.

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