The Most Common Treatment for Simple Renal Cyst 5.6 cm

Due to the polluted environment, unhealthy lifestyle, overwork pressure and so on, more and more people are attacked by simple renal cyst which refers to one or more than more fluid-filled pockets spreading on the kidney. And when the renal cyst is bigger than 4 cm, it usually take the space of kidney tissues, causing damage to kidney. Then we will introduce you the most common ways in treating simple cyst 5.6 cm.


With the development of the technology, medical also get many benefits from it. Laparoscope is the most common treatment to cure renal cyst in western medicine. Under the work of laparoscope, doctor can find the location of renal cyst exactly, than cut open the cyst walls and drain out the cysts fluid, finally cut off the large part of cyst walls and burn the remained lesion cysts walls. Compared with puncture, laparoscope can decrease the recurrence rate of renal cyst, in addition, it also cause less wound and infection then other kinds of open surgery. And it is easy to recover, lead to less influence to the life and work for renal cysts patients. So laparoscope become more and more popular with renal cyst patients. However, there still are some bad points for using laparoscope, for example, it also can cause wound on kidney, even the wound is small. And if the location of the cyst is deep, laparoscope also do less thing for it.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

It is another common way to treat renal cyst in China. The active substances in medicine can kill the lesion cells on cyst walls, inhibiting the cysts fluid secretion and controlling the growth and enlargement of the renal cyst. Moreover, the active substances in medicine also can increase the permeability of blood circulation on cysts walls, promoting the cyst fluid flowing back to blood, so that the cyst can be shrunk. And the medicine contains many nutrition which is good for kidney function recover. Compared with laparoscope, the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has the advantages that it can treat the renal cysts more naturally without any side effect. And the most important thing is that, no matter where the cyst located, the medicine can cure it from root.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy also has magic function on treating complex renal cysts, polycystic Kidney Disease and other kinds of kidney disease. And if you want to know more suggestions about your renal cyst or interested in our treatment, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you as soon as possible.


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