Hydronephrosis in Parapelvic Cyst of renal: Cause and Treatment

Hydronephrosis is the common complication of Parapelvic Cysts of renal. It refers to that because of some reasons, the urine cause retention in pelvis. Without a timely treatment, the space of renal parenchyma will be taken by the expended pelvis and renal calices, so that the functions of glomerulus and renal tubules will decrease. It is no doubt that hydronephrosis can cause further damage to the kidney, so renal cyst patients need a timely treatment.

The cause of hydronephrosis in Parapelvic Cysts:

With the growth of the parapelvic cyst, it will take the space of pelvis, so the connection between ureter and pelvis also be influenced and the urine can not excreted out of body, causing retention in pelvis.

Treatment for hydronephrosis in Parapelvic Cysts

According to what we mentioned, if Parapelvic Cysts patients want to get rid of the hydronephrosis from root, the key is to shrink the cyst to make sure the urinary tract unblocked. Now we will introduce you some treatment options for Parapelvic Cysts.

Surgery treatments

Surgery treatments include the cyst decortication, puncture-aspiration and laparoscope. But due to the complex structure of renal hilus and the deep location of the cyst, these treatment usually can cut off the cyst from root and they can cause wound on body and kidney which are easy to be infected. For Parapelvic Cysts patients with hydronephrosis, surgery treatments are not suitable.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Compared with surgery treatments, the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has the advantages of no wound, no infection and no recurrence. Then how dose the medicines work on kidney?

First, the active substances in the medicine can shrink the cyst through promoting the blood circulation on cyst walls and increasing the permeability on cyst wall.

Second, the active substances also can control the growth of cyst walls through killing the lesion cells on cyst wall and inhibiting the secretion of cyst fluid.

Moreover, the active substances also can expend blood vessels so that more and more blood flow into kidney. And the medicine can support kidney with some nutrition which plays an important role in repairing injured kidney and improving kidney function.

Parapelvic Cysts patients with hydronephrosis can contact our online doctors to know more about our treatment and your kidney disease condition, or you also can send email to kidneyfight@hotmail.com, we will reply you within 24 hours.


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