Whether Renal Cyst 4.2*3.2cm Need Surgery Treatment

Whether Renal Cyst 4.2*3.2cm Need Surgery TreatmentWhether renal cyst 4.2*3.2 cm need surgery? Generally speaking, when the renal cysts is bigger than 4 cm and patients are accompanied with symptoms such like back pains, blood urine, recurrence infection,high blood pressure and so on, patients need a treatment in time.

Treatment options for patients with renal cyst 4.2*3.2

1. Puncture and aspiration: under the monitor and direction of ultrasound, doctors use the long and thin needle puncture the cyst wall and drain the cyst fluid, and then inject alcohol or other hardener to recover the wound. But the overflow or absorption of hardener can damage the kidney and lead to complications.

2. Open surgery can cause big wound on kidney which make the recover slowly, influencing the work of patients.

3. Laparoscopic techniques: this kind of treatment needn’t disturb enterocoelia, causing less damage to the organs of enterocoelia, which have the advantages of little wound, recover quickly. But it also has side effects, for example for the cyst in deep part of renal, the surgery usually are not recommended.

4. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy: compared with the ways we have mentioned, this treatment can shrink the renal cyst naturally and effectively, no matter where the cyst located. The active substances in medicine can improve the blood circulation of cyst wall, increasing the permeability of cyst walls, so that the cyst fluid can flow back into blood, getting the purpose of shrinking cyst. In addition, the Chinese medicine also can kill the lesion cells on cyst walls, control the cyst fluid secretion more and inhibiting the growth of the cyst. Moreover, the medicine also can expend blood vessel, improving the kidney condition of hypoxic-ischemic and impairing the injured kidney.

Now, the treatment options has been listed, patients can choose the more suitable ways for them, surgery or Chinese medicine. And renal cyst patients should pay more attention to their daily diet and lifestyle, balancing the work and rest. We really hope renal cyst patients can get better. If you want to know more information about your kidney disease or our special treatment, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to kidneyfight@hotmail.com, we will reply you within 24 hours.

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