Treatment for Back Pain and Flank Pain in Renal Cyst

Treatment for Back Pain and Flank Pain in Renal CystRenal cyst patients often complain that they are bothered by back pains or flank pains which bring them a lot of pains, influencing their normal life. So they always want to a treatment.

The cause of back pains and flank pains in renal cyst:

1. With the enlargement of cyst, the renal capsule get more and more pressure, lead to drag in renal pedicle or giving pressure to other organs.

2. with the increase of cyst fluid, the renal also become more and more heavier, straining the nerves around the kidney, which also can lead to pains.

3. If renal cyst patients suffer from hemorrhage within the cyst or secondary infection, the feeling of pains would be more serious.

Treatment for back pains and flank pains in renal cyst

1.Generally speaking, the small renal cyst, smaller than 4cm, doesn’t need to treat. But a regular checkup is necessary for patients.

2.If the renal cyst is bigger than 4cm and it has caused damage to kidney tissues, patients can take puncture or open surgery to shrink the cyst. But there are some complications with these western treatment, for example, they can cause wound on the kidney which also is a kind of damage to kidney. In addition, they also is easy to form infection. And for the cyst located in the deep part of the kidney, these treatment only can shrink the cyst partly and can not cure it from root, increasing the recurrence rate of renal cyst.

3.Micro-Chinese Osmotherapy is the special treatment in China. The active substances in the medicine can improve the blood circulation and promote the cyst fluid flowing back into blood. So that it decrease the all kinds of pressures caused the enlargement of renal cyst and the symptoms caused by renal cyst also can be remitted. With the cyst get smaller and smaller, the kidney function can be improved naturally.

In a word, renal cyst patients who want to get rid of back pains or flank pains from root must shrink the cyst. And the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can avoid the bad points brought by surgrey and get the purpose of treating renal cyst without side effect and recurrence. If you are interested in our therapy or want to more information about kidney disease, you can contact our online doctors or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.

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