Traditional Chinese Medicine for Renal Cyst patients

Traditional Chinese Medicine for Renal Cyst patientsGenerally speaking, when the renal cyst is larger than 4 cm, it will cause the decline of kidney function. So patients need a treatment to shrink the cyst and decrease the damage to the kidney and usually an open surgery is recommended by your doctors. But renal cyst patients still want to find another treatment to instead surgery for the surgery can cause a series of complications such as bleeding, wound, infection, recurrence and so on. Now a new kind of treatment is found and it can cure renal cyst more naturally and effectively. It is the Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Oral Chinese herb medicine:

The active substances in Chinese herb have the functions of inhibiting the activity of lesion cells in cyst, eliminating hyperplasia and remitting obstruction. The oral Chinese herbs medicine not only can control the development of renal cyst, it also can reverse the kidney function.

Hot compress:

It includes the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which is processed by advanced ultrasonic cavitation technology. And the active substances in it have the strong function in expending blood vessel, having a good effect for the early stage of kidney disease. Then how dose it work on renal cyst?

Once the active substances enter into kidney, they can promote the blood vessel and dissolve the blood clots with a high speed. The blood circulation in cyst walls is promoted, so that the permeability of cyst walls can be increased, promoting the cyst fluid flowing back and changing the condition of renal hypoxic-ischemic, and finally the cyst walls will never secrete. With the decreased size and disappear of renal cyst, the pressure to the kidney tissues also can be remitted and the kidney function can reverse totally.

Compared with open surgery, renal cyst can suffer less through the Traditional Chinese Medicine which is more natural. In addition, the Chinese Medicine also can decrease the recurrent rate of renal cyst. And if you are interested in our treatment and want to know more information about your kidney disease, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.


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