Chinese Herb Treatment for Back Pains in Renal Cysts

Chinese Herb Treatment for Back Pains in Renal CystsBack pain is the common symptom of renal cysts, many patients found that they are attacked by renal cysts through back pains. Renal cysts patients with back pains usually suffer a lot, but luckily, there are some treatments which can help them a lot.

The cause of the back pains in renal cysts:

1. Because of the enlargement of the renal cysts, the tension of renal capsule will increase, so renal pedicle get involved, causing back pains.

2. The enlargement of the kidney also can give force to other neighboring organs, leading to back pain.

3. In addition, with the cysts fluid increase, the kidney become heavier, appearing tenesmus. So patients will suffer back pains.

4. If the cysts experience the rupture, bleeding or secondary infection, the the feeling of back pain will be more serious.

The treatment for back pain in renal cysts:

If there is few and small cyst on the surface of the kidney, and they have not cause kidney damage, doctor may suggest that you need may more attention to your lifestyle and check it regularly. They may be disappear naturally. While if they get bigger and bigger, you should have the puncture treatment. But for patients whose cysts are many or PKD patients, renal puncture is not suitable for them. This time, renal cysts patients can have a try of our Chinese herb medicines.

The active substances in Chinese herbs can kill the epithelial cells of cysts walls which can secrete cysts fluid, so that our medicine can inhabit the growth and enlargement of renal cysts. In addition, the active substances also can promote the blood circulation of capillary in cysts walls, with the increase of permeability of cysts walls, the cysts fluid will flow back to the blood, getting the purpose of shrinking cysts. When the renal cysts are controlled and eliminated, the back pain will disappear naturally.

Chinese herb treatment has a magic effect in treating renal cysts and remitting all kinds of symptoms or complication, such as back pains, blood urine, high blood pressure and so on. So if you are interested in out Chinese herb treatment or want to know more about your kidney disease, you can contact our online doctors, or send email to, we will reply you as soon as possible.

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