Treatment for Renal Hypertension in Multiple Bilateral Renal Cysts

Treatment for Renal Hypertension in Multiple Bilateral Renal CystsMultiple bilateral renal cysts means that both sides of the kidney have more than one renal cysts. Generally speaking, if the renal cyst is smaller than 3 cm, patients usually wouldn’t suffer a lot of symptoms. But with more cysts appearance and growth, renal cysts patients will get high blood pressure. For the high blood pressure is caused by the damaged kidney, we call it as renal hypertension. But hypertension can cause further damage to the kidney, so renal cysts patients must find a treatment to control their high blood pressure.

The causes of high blood pressure in renal cysts

1. The increase and enlargement of renal cysts will cause pressure to the kidney, leading to the hypoxic-ischemic kidney which can stimulate the renin excretion. And the renin will promote the liver to produce angiotensins which will narrow the blood vessel. Moreover, the angiotensins also can excrete aldoterone which also can shrink the blood vessels, leading to high blood pressure.

2. When the kidney function are damaged by the renal cysts, the kidney fail to remove extra sodium and water out of body, causing retention in tissues. And the edema will lead to the increase of blood volume and high blood pressure.

The treatment for renal hypertension in renal cysts

According to what we mentioned, we can know shrinking the renal cysts and repairing the injured kidney play the important role in lower the high blood pressure. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can treat renal cysts naturally, and how dose it work? The active substances in Chinese medicine can kill the epithelial cells of the cysts walls, so that they can not secret cysts fluid anymore. And the medicine can promote the blood circulation of cysts walls, decreasing the pressure difference between blood vessels walls and cysts walls, so the cysts fluid can flow back to the blood and be excreted out body with urine. In addition, the medicine can expend the blood vessels, improving the condition of hypoxic-ischemic kidney and kidney function.

Multiple Bilateral Renal Cysts patients with renal hypertension must have a timely treatment before the cysts and high blood pressure causing further damage to kidney. And if you want to know more about your physical condition or our treatment, you can contact our online doctors or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.

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