Bilateral Renal Cortical Cysts; Symptoms and Treatment

Bilateral renal cortical cysts means that there are cysts spread on both side of the kidney cortex. When the cysts are small, patients has no obvious symptoms; but when the cysts are big enough, patients usually suffer lot from it because the growth of the cysts give force to around tissues, leading to hypoxia-ischemia of kidney. Without a long time, the kidney innate cells will be killed and kidney function will be lost, finally, a lot of symptoms will occur. Today, we will have a introduction about the symptoms and treatment for the bilateral renal cortical cysts.

Symptoms of renal cysts:

Blood urine: the barrier function of kidney are damaged, so there are red blood cells are lost with urine. In addition the rupture of cysts also can lead to bloody.

Pains: because of the growth or rupture of the cysts, they will involve the tissues and nerves around the kidney, causing back pain, abdomen pain and flank pain.

High blood pressure: renal cysts will give pressure to the kidney, leading to the hypoxia-ischemia of kidney and stimulating the secretion of renin.

Frequent urination: the renal cysts is easy to affect the renal tubular which has the function of concentration, if it is injured, patients will suffer frequent urination.

Treatment for renal cysts:

The common treatment we often see in treating renal cysts is puncture, but it is not suitable for all parts of the kidney and easy to inject other parts. So patients in our hospital can enjoy another more natural and effective treatment: “ four ‘ one ’ treatment ”.

A bottle of Maikang composition: it can clean the toxins in blood, decreasing the complications and symptoms of renal cysts.

A dose of oral Chinese herbs medicine: it is different from patients to patients, different from disease to disease and different from time to time, for the physical condition of patients are different and changed with our treatment. The main function of it is clean the toxins in blood and inhibit the growth of cysts.

A dose of external application medicine: it can work on kidney directly, and it has magic effect on shrink the bilateral renal cortical cysts and improve the blood circulation condition of kidney

A basin of foot bath medicine: it can improve the blood condition of whole body.

Now, Bilateral Renal Cortical Cysts patients must have a clear idea about the disease, and if you want to know more about the Bilateral Renal Cortical Cysts or our treatment, you can send email to us or contact our online doctors.


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