How to Treat High Blood Pressure in Kidney Cyst

How to Treat High Blood Pressure in Kidney CystHigh blood pressure is a common symptom of kidney cyst, it is mainly caused by the decline of kidney function. In this article, we will introduce methods to lower high blood pressure in this disease.

1. Hot Compress Therapy

Because the decline of renal function is caused by cysts, so treating cysts is the most important step. The effective medicines of Hot Compress Therapy can be penetrated into the Shenshu acupoints directly, they can block kidney fibrosis, repair damaged kidney cells, rebuild the normal kidney structure, eventually delay the progress of kidney damage, if kidney function is normal, hypertension can be relieved.

In addition, the therapy is painless and comfortable, patients can listen to the music during the treatment. If your families or friends are suffering from high blood pressure in renal cyst, you can contact us by email:

2. Anti-hypertensive drugs

Generally, ACEI and ARBs are used to decrease high blood pressure, in the meanwhile, they can protect kidney function and lower proteinuria. However, ACEI or ARBs separately is not beneficial to patients’ health, usually, patients should combine diuretics in order to avoid side effects.

3. Diet management

Low-salt. Too much salt can increase the burden of kidney, much salt can also damage blood vessel, and aggravate the kidney damage, or even cause a serious of complications, so it’s necessary to limit salt intake.

Quit drinking. Drinking can damage kidneys, especially liquor, it’s unhelpful to control blood pressure. So, in order to control blood pressure, patients with renal cyst need to quit alcohol. If you want to get a healthy diet, you can contact with our online doctors now.

Moreover, patients should have more rest, try to avoid strenuous exercises, and take some moderate physical activities, such as, walking, jogging, Tai Chi, yoga, etc.

If you still have anything unclear about the treatment for high blood pressure with renal cyst, you can leave us message below.

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