How to Treat 6cm Kidney Cyst in Kidney Disease Hospital

How to Treat 6cm Kidney Cyst in Kidney Disease HospitalKidney cyst is a common disease in clinic. Then, many patients may wonder, how to treat 6cm cyst in kidney disease hospital?

Before answering the question, we should form a basic understanding of renal cyst.

Kidney cyst refers to filled-fluid cyst, with the time, these cysts can increase, and the enlarged cysts will oppress the surrounding tissues and cells, cause renal function decline. 6cm cyst in diameter means the cyst is very big, if uncontrolled or badly controlled, it will cause renal failure and bring great pain to patients. So, how to treat 6cm cyst in kidney disease hospital?

Shrink cyst

To treat the cyst, the first step is to shrink 6cm cyst. Hot Compress Therapy is a new method, it combines traditional Chinese medicines and modern technology and equipment. During the course, two bags contained shattered medicines are put under the patients’ back. Then, with the help of osmosis device, the effective constituents of the medicines can be absorbed by kidney lesions directly.

Moreover, by restraining the secretion of cystic fluid, preventing the the proliferation of epithelial cells, reducing the secondary pathological changes, 6cm renal cyst can be shrink in root. If you want to learn more details of the therapy, send an email to kidneyfight@hotmail.com.

Improve renal function

Medicated Bath can enhance kidney function effectively. The Medicated Bath liquid is abstracted from nine kinds of herbal medicines. Through receiving a whole body bath, the effective ingredients can be absorbed by kidney lesions through skin. After the bath, if patients have hot sweat, which indicates the toxins have been discharged out of the body, after several courses, renal function can be improved obviously.

Diet plan

Patients should avoid spicy, cold foods to reduce the stimulation to 6cm cyst. In addition, they should avoid coffee, chocolate, pickles, and so on.

If you have any doubts about how to treat 6cm cyst in kidney disease hospital. Contact with our online doctors now, we will provide more info for free.

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