How to Treat High Blood Pressure in Renal Cyst

How to Treat High Blood Pressure in Renal CystHigh blood pressure is a worrisome symptom of renal cyst, if no effective method is applied, the disease may develop into renal failure. So, how to lower high blood pressure in renal cyst?

Hot Compress Therapy

The method is an application of traditional Chinese medicine. By making the medicine into power, the shattered medicine can be absorbed by kidney lesions adequately. In addition, with the help of osmosis device, the effective constituents can be penetrated into kidney lesions directly.

Mostly, by dilating blood vessels, improving the blood circulation, changing the condition of ischemia and hypoxia, providing abundant essential substances for the damaged kidneys, renal function can be improved from the root. Once renal function is enhanced, high blood pressure can be lowered.

Medicated Bath

The Medicated Bath liquid is abstract from nine kinds of herb plants. During the course, patients can receive a whole body bath or foot bath at home, the effective ingredients can be made full use of through skin.

After the bath, the overall physical condition can be enhanced, some obvious changes can be seen. Such as, patients may have hot sweat, or they may feel relaxed, which indicates the blood circulation has been improved. In this way, after several courses, high blood pressure can be lowered effectively.

In addition, the cost of the therapy is inexpensive, nearly all the patients can afford. For more info about the therapy? Send an email to

In addition, some oral drugs such as, ACEI, ARBs can also be used to lower high blood pressure. Usually, doctors will combine diuretics so as to avoid the side effects.

A scientific diet plan can also help to control the high blood pressure. Renal cyst patients should keep a low-salt diet, get rid of too much protein, and avoid the spicy, cold foods to reduce the stimulation to renal cyst.

After the above analysis, if you still have any doubts about how to treat high blood pressure in renal cyst, contact with us immediately, we are always here to help you.


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