How to Protect Remaining Renal Function in Renal Cyst

How to Protect Remaining Renal Function in Renal CystRenal cyst, just as it’s name implies, refers to various fluid-filled cysts. And these cysts will destroy renal function, bring great pain to patients. So, how to protect remaining renal function?

Generally, there are no symptoms in early stage renal cyst, but some obvious symptoms will present along with the enlargement of renal cysts. These signs may include:

High blood pressure

Pain: the feature may be dull pain or severe pain, it may be on one side or bilateral, and the sign can not be relieved by changing the position.

Blood in urine: it means there are red blood cells in urine, so the urine may be pink.

Foamy urine: usually, there are lots of bubbles in urine.

All the above symptoms are caused by the decline of renal function. Then, how to protect the remaining renal function?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

It is an innovative way combines traditional herbal medicines and modern technology and equipment. First, the medicines will receive superfine comminution, then, with the guidance of osmosis device, the shattered medicines can be penetrated into kidney lesions externally.

Moreover, by dilating blood vessels, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, degrading extracellular matrixes, preventing the formation of thrombosis, renal function can be improved gradually. So, the method can protect remaining renal function in renal cyst.

Besides, the method is convenient, comfortable and painless. If you are interested in the therapy, send an email to

Medicated Bath

It can also protect remaining renal function. During the course, patients with renal cyst can have a whole body bath or foot bath. After the bath, patients may have hot sweat, it indicates the toxins have been discharged out of the body, so, it is hopeful to restore renal function.

In addition, a healthy diet management is also important. Patients should get rid of spicy, cold foods, avoid coffee, chocolate so as to reduce the burden of failed kidneys. They can supply some high-quality protein, such as, lean meat, milk, fish and so on.

After the above introduction, if you want to know more details about protecting the remaining renal function in renal cyst, leave a message below.

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