Cortical Renal Cyst: How to Protect Remaining Renal Function

Cortical Renal Cyst: How to Protect Remaining Renal FunctionCortical renal cyst refers to cysts that appear in the outer region of the kidneys, and it’s occurrence has close connection with decline of kidney function. Then, are there some effective methods to protect the remaining renal function?

Generally, if the cortical renal cysts are smaller than 3cm in diameter and there are not obvious symptoms, doctors will suggest patients to take regular examinations to observe the the growth of cysts.

However, when the cysts grow more bigger, it is necessary to take steps to protect the remaining kidney function. Next, we will introduce some methods to protect residual renal function.

1. Hot Compress Therapy It combines traditional Chinese medicines and modern high technology. On the one hand, by restraining the proliferation of epithelial cells, reducing the secretion of cystic fluid, cortical renal cyst can be shrink remarkably.

On the other hand, through carrying out superfine comminution to medicines, and with the help of osmosis device, the medicines can be permeated into kidney lesion directly, in addition, by dilating blood vessels, providing nutrient substances for failed kidneys, renal function can be improved more effectively. Once cysts are shrink, kidney function is enhanced, renal injury may be delayed or even stopped, so this method can protect remaining kidney function.

2. Medicated Bath First, dozens of kinds of herbal medicines will be chosen to make into Medicated Bath liquid, and all the medicines are natural, it won’t cause any side effects to body. Then patients can receive foot bath or whole body bath. By improving blood circulation, the effective components can be absorbed adequately, in this way, further renal injury may be prevented, and remaining kidney function may be protected.

3. Patients with cortical renal cyst should have a healthy lifestyle, such as avoid stay up and strenuous activities, quit smoking, and so on. Besides, keeping a scientific diet is also important, for example, limit salt intake, low fat, supply more celluloses, such a diet can decrease kidney damage, protect remaining renal function.

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