Traditional Chinese Treatments for Creatinine 1.6 in Renal Cyst

The normal creatinine level is less than 1.5mg/dl for most people, creatinine 1.6 in renal cyst indicates a slight kidney damage. However, if there is no timely and correct treatment, it is dangerous for patients.

Next, we will introduce some traditional Chinese treatments for creatinine 1.6.

1. Taking related tests is the primary measure. If renal cyst patients are diagnosed with creatinine 1.6, they should take some routine examinations to observe the creatinine level, such as kidney function, blood and urine tests, to clear the underlying cause of elevated creatinine level.

For instance, if it is caused by diabetes, patients should not only reduce the creatinine level, but also control the blood sugar. It is beneficial to decrease creatinine level and delay the progression of renal damage.

2. Receiving a correct treatment is necessary. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a personalized way. By shattering the herbal medicines into power, the medicine ingredient can be absorbed by body more easily. In the same time, it is an external way, with the guidance of osmosis device, the medicine can be penetrated into kidney lesion through skin and channel.

Most importantly, the therapy can improve kidney function, promote blood circulation, accelerate the toxins being discharged via urine, so it can reduce creatinine 1.6. Besides, creatinine 1.6 shows the illness condition is not severe, in this case, if patients with renal cyst receive this treatment, the disease may be treated from the root.

So, experts suggest, patients should seize the best chance to treat creatinine 1.6, if you have anything unclear about the therapy, sending to

3. Medicated Bath is another traditional Chinese treatment. Multiple herbal medicines are made into Medicated Bath fluid, by foot bath or whole body bath, blood circulation can be enhanced, extra toxins can be discharged. Thereby, it can reduce creatinine 1.6. Besides, this method is convenient and comfortable, patients can receive it as a massage at home.

Expect for the above methods, there are still many effective therapies to decrease creatinine 1.6 in renal cyst. If you want to learn more details, leave a message below.


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