Remedies for Bilateral Renal Cysts

Remedies for Bilateral Renal CystsBilateral renal cysts, refer to fluid-filled pockets on both of the kidneys. If left alone, it will develop into kidney failure eventually. Thereby, remedies must be paid to as early as possible.

Usually, the cysts are asymptomatic. However, with the constant enlargement of cysts, patients are more likely to experience symptoms like back pain, abdominal pain, hematuria, protein in urine, etc.

At Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital, our experienced nephrologists have concluded the following remedies:

Puncture aspiration and sclerosing treatment

In clinical, puncture aspiration and sclerosing treatment is the most commonly used method. With the guidance of ultrasound, a long needle filled with alcohol will be inserted through the skin. In this way, cysts can be shrunk or harden. Unluckily, there will be some adverse effects, and the condition may relapse easily.

Hot compress therapy

This therapy is a perfect combination of traditional Chinese medicine and modern technology. During the course, two bags filled with super-find grinding herbs will be placed around the twist, then, with the help of osmosis devices, nutrients of the herbs can effect on kidney lesion directly.

By increasing the permeability of cystic wall, changing the internal-external pressure difference, improving the circulation of blood and supplying active substances for the impaired kidneys, cysts can be shrunk effectively.

Besides, it is comfortable, convenient and painless. And each herbal formula is prescribed on the specific condition. If you wanna to know about it, please firstly email your test report to And you will get a satisfied answer within 48 hours.

Follow a balanced diet

Except for the above treatments, patients should also follow a scientific diet. For example, stay away from spicy foods, seafoods, alcohol, chocolate, etc, as these foods may stimulate the growth of cysts.

If you happen to be a person with bilateral renal cysts, we do belive these remedies can be helpful. For more info, please click the Live Contact or leave us message below.


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