Is There a Natural Therapy for 4.6 cm × 3.2 cm Cyst on My Right Kidney

Is There a Natural Therapy for 4.6cm × 3.2 cm Cyst on My Right KidneyQ: About a couple hours ago, I received my ultrasound test, and it show a 4.6X3.2 cm cyst on my right kidney. I was scared, is there a natural therapy for my present condition?

A: Firstly, it is necessary to know what renal cyst is. It refers to round pouches of fluid that form within or on the surface of kidneys. Until now, the exact cause of kidney cyst is still a mystery. With the wide usage of imaging tests, more and more people have been diagnosed with cyst on kidneys.

The risk of presenting kidney cyst increases as you get older, though this disease can occur at any age. According to the statistics, about 50% people above their 50s can be detected with a least one cyst.

In the initial stage, the cysts usually do not cause any signs, when they grow large enough, the cysts may interfere with kidney function the following symptoms may appear, for example, back pain, abdominal pain, hypertension, edema, hematuria, etc.

What is the natural therapy?

For your case, we provide you with hot compress therapy. It is created on the basis of traditional Chinese medicine(TCM), but applied externally.

In most conditions, surgeries are recommended to drain or remove the cysts. However, this method may cause harm to the human body. What’s more, the recurrence rate is high.

Compared with surgery, hot compress therapy is easy to operate, comfortable and painless. Generally, each formula is consisted of 4-13 herbal medicines.

What are the functions of hot compress therapy?

With the help of osmosis device, nutrients of the herbs can effect on kidney lesion directly. By dilating blood vessels, increasing the permeability of cyst wall and changing the inner and outer pressure of cyst wall, cystic fluid will flow into urine eventually. In this way, symptoms will be alleviated and renal function will be improved.

If you have any questions about renal cyst or the treatment, remember that we are always here to help. Any doubts, please leave us or consult with our online doctor. Best wishes!


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