Treatment Options for Patients Living with 6 cm Renal Cyst

Renal cyst is one common kidney problem in our daily life. Generally speaking, except for PKD, there is not obvious symptoms showing the kidney problem. Only when the cyst is big enough, patients can suffer symptoms such as back pains, high blood pressure, blood urine and so on. And when the renal cyst is bigger than 4 cm, it is time to have a timely treatment. Here will list the treatment options for patients with 6 cm renal cyst.

1. Surgery treatment: The most common treatment renal cyst patients take is the surgery treatment. With the development of the medical technology, the cyst can be eliminated effectively without huge trauma and bleeding, decreasing the rate of relapse and infection. If there are few cortical cyst on the kidney, surgery treatment is really a good choice for patients.

However, there are some limitations of surgery treatment, for example, the cyst on deep part of kidney is not recommended with surgery treatment, and the small one also is difficult to treat for surgery, and if there are too many cysts on the kidney, surgery over and over can cause damage to human body. At these times, renal cyst patients really need another natural treatment to help them.

2. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy: It is an external application treatment. The medicine is applied around the kidney area. The active substances in medicine can promote the blood circulation on cyst walls to increase the permeability of cyst walls, so that the cyst fluids can flow back into blood vessel and is metabolized with blood circulation, getting the purpose of shrinking cyst. In addition, the active substances also can inactive the epithelial cells on cyst walls to inhibit the cyst fluids secretion, blocking the way of cyst growth.

No matter where the cyst locate, no matter how many cysts spread on kidney and no matter how small the cyst is, the medicine can work on shrinking cyst and controlling cyst growth effectively.

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