How to Treat Renal Cyst Accompanied with Kidney Stone

How to Treat Renal Cyst Accompanied with Kidney StoneMany patients suffer the renal cyst and kidney stone at the same time. Generally speaking, they are two kinds of separate kidney problems, but some times they influence each other. Although there is not a clear answer about the cause and relationship of renal cyst and kidney stone, we have found the effective treatment for both of them. Now let see how dose our Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy treat the renal cyst accompanied with kidney stone.

Traditional way for treat renal cyst and kidney stone is the surgery treatment or shock wave lithotripsy, but there are some limitation for these treatment, for example halfway elimination of cyst fluids or kidney stones, the sizes and location of the cyst and stone need reach certain degree and the the treatment effects maybe influence another problem. So patients really need a treatment which would not cause any trauma and relapse and can help them get rid of renal cyst and kidney stone at the same time no matter where the cyst and stone locate and no matter what size they are.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has the functions of expending blood vessel, promoting blood circulation and dissolving blood clots, so that the blood perfusion in kidney can be increased which is good for the excretion of kidney stones, and with the improved blood circulation, the permeability of cyst walls also can be increased, promoting the flowingback of cyst fluid.

In addition, the pulsed microwave produced by the micro permeameter can work on kidney stones, promoting the excretion of kidney stones with the urine through the expended ureteral pulse, decreasing the pains. Moreover, with a long time use of our Micro-Chinese Medicine, the metabolism environment of kidney can change. After recovering the state of original urine colloid and inhabiting the activities of the lesions cells on cyst walls, the crystal salt will can not be separated and the cyst fluids can not be secreted, cutting the ways of forming kidney stones and renal cyst.

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