Cause, Symptom and Treatment of Parapelvic Cyst on Renal

Renal cyst is the common kidney disease in our daily life, and the parapelvic cyst patients is about 1%-3% in renal cyst patients. Today let us have a simple knowledge about the cause, symptoms and treatment for parapelvic cyst.

The cause of parapelvic cyst:

Most of the parapelvic cyst is caused by many congenital factors, and people who are more than 50 years old are easy suffer the disease. And usually there is simple one on the kidney.

The symptoms of the disease:

1. Back pains or their back disorders: due to the pressure from cyst to ureteropelvic, the smooth muscle maybe suffer cramp. In addition, the the cyst can drag the diolame at the work of gravity, involving the nervous systems.

2. Blood urine: the smooth muscle cramp can lead to blood urine, moreover, the cyst rupture also can cause blood urine.

3. High blood pressure: the enlarged cyst will take the normal space of kidney, leading to ischemia, so that the renin and angiotensin also can increase.

4. Abdominal mass: when the cyst is big or there is hydronephrosis, patients will suffer abdominal mass.

5. Infection: when the cyst rupture, patients maybe suffer fever, chills, pains around kidney area due to the cyst fluids infection.

The treatment for the disease:

Most of the parapelvic cyst is benign lesion, and when the cyst is small, there is not obvious symptom, patients only need a regular test and prevention for the disease. When the cyst is big than 4 cm, patients suffer some complications, they need a timely treatment for the disease.

The most common treatment renal cyst patients take is the surgery treatment. But for parapelvic cyst patients, the structure of renal hilus is complicated and the cyst is at the deep part of the kidney, the surgery treatment can bring many side effects to patients such as trauma and high relapse rate. So patients really need a more natural way for the disease. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the best choice for renal cyst patients, it is applied on the kidney area, patients can reach the purpose of shrinking cyst and control the cyst growth without any pains and relapse. No matter what size the cyst is, no matter where they locate, the medicine can help patient.

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