7cm Cyst on Kidney : Symptoms and Treatment

Renal cyst is a common kidney disease in our daily life. When the cyst is small, patients usually don’t suffer and symptom, while with the enlargement of the cyst, patients would bear some risks. Now let see what kind of damage a 7cm renal cyst can cause and what is the best treatment for renal cyst patients.

Symptoms of a 7cm cyst on kidney

1. Back pain: the big renal cyst usually means the much fluids in cyst which will increase the weight of kidney. At the work of gravity, the kidney will drop, involving the renal pedicle and the nerves around kidney, so patients with big renal cyst often feel pains around kidney area.

2. Blood urine: when the pressure that cyst fluid give capsule wall is big enough or due to some exogenic actions, the cyst will rupture and the blood vessels on capsule wall also will be broken. the blood will be excreted with urine.

3. Infection: when the cyst get rupture, the cyst fluid flow out, which are easy lead to infection to kidney and other tissues around kidney.

4. High blood pressure: the big cyst will take the normal kidney tissues, leading to the insufficient blood and oxygen in kidney and stimulating the renin secretion, so some renal cyst patients suffer high blood pressure.

5. Kidney function decline: the symptom is aimed at Polycystic Kidney Disease patients for there are too many cysts on their kidney. Most of the kidney tissues can be influenced by the cysts and the disease is more difficult to treat than the simple one, so patients will suffer kidney function decline.

Treatment for 7cm cyst on kidney

The most common treatment patients choose is the surgery. And surgery really can help some simple renal cyst patients get rid of pains from root. However for Polycystic Kidney Disease patients, even the surgery help them eliminate the big one, the small one will get big and the new one will grow, so surgery is not suitable for them.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the good choice for renal cyst patients as well as Polycystic Kidney Disease patients. it can shrink the cyst and inhibit the cyst fluid secretion at the same time, natural and effective.

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