The Introduction about The Treatment Options for Simple Renal Cyst

The Introduction about The Treatment Options for Simple Renal CystSimple renal cyst refers to that there is only one or more than one fluid-filled packet spreading on the kidney, and usually is unilateral renal cyst. Generally speaking, renal cyst patients found that they are attacked by the disease just through a accidental condition for they usually suffer few symptom. But patients really need pay more attention to the cyst growth and have a timely treatment in case of high blood pressure and cyst rupture which can lead to blood urine or infections.

If the cyst is small than 4 cm, patients can take it easy for the cyst could not cause damage to your kidney. And patients can live a scientific life to prevent the enlargement of the cyst. The surgery treatment is not deserved to be taken, so patients can use our Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to shrinking the cyst and inhibit the cyst growth.

When the cyst is big than 4 cm, it is time that patients take some measures to eliminate the cyst in case patients would suffer a lot. There are many treatments options for renal cyst patients, but the western medicines are fail to do that. Now let us have a comparison about these kinds of treatments for the right choice and less pains.

Traditional treatment is the open windowing decompression. And effect of the treatment is obvious, but there are some bad points accompanied with the treatment such as huge trauma, great pains, slow recover and so on. Puncture and aspiration become popular in treating renal cyst in previous years and it has the advantages such as little trauma, low cost, easy to measure and quicker recover and so on. While the bad points are patients are easy get relapse and the treatment has limitation for the location of renal cyst. Recent years, more and more patients take the retroperitoneoscopy which can help patients get rid of cyst from root with little trauma, easy recover, less pains.

All in all, simple renal cyst patients should choose a reliable treatment. And if you want to know more information about the renal cyst treatment or ask for other suggestions, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.


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